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Loktej Hindi Daily : Loktej is a Hindi Daily Newspaper being published from Surat. It is the first Hindi Newspaper of the South Gujarat region. It covers news, not only of Surat and South Gujarat but also of states like Rajasthan, Madhyapradesh, Delhi, Hariyana, Uttarpradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand etc. Featur suppliments related to women, youth, health, film etc. are published regularly. The objective of the newspaper is to publish news in a positive and constructive way, without resorting to unwarranted sensationalism and gossip. It has set up its own standard of responsible journalism. It is also member of INS, and it is approved by DAVP.


Taptilok : Taptilok is a Hindi monthly magazine, purely devoted to literature, culture and philosophy. Its objective is to push up creativity among writers and critical judgment among scholars and researchers. It has sections on poetry, short stories, satires, literary essays, criticisms, cultural articles, philosophical discourses and literary reviews.

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